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June 7, 2022

What to Ask A Landscaping Company Before You Hire Them

Summer is here and that means it is time to get landscaping done around your property. This is a very exciting time since your property has the opportunity to stand out from the competition and great landscaping is a very effective way to do that. This is why it is important if you do choose to hire a landscaping company that you hire one that is going to do a great job while also giving you a fair price for their work. Especially if you plan on hiring them for recurring maintenance, it is important to find a company that you can trust will do a great job and give you the best looking property in the area. In this blog, we will be going over some questions to ask landscaping companies to give you the best idea of how they will perform. 

Do You Have Any References?

A great way to get an idea for the level of work a landscaping company is capable of is by asking for past client testimonials, photos of work they have done in the past, or anything else that they can show you that proves they have a strong track record. You want to look for a landscaping company with lots of these kinds of things readily available, since it shows they are proud of their work and confident in their abilities. If you come across a company that is unwilling to provide any information on properties they have worked on in the past, you should probably consider going with a different landscaping company. 

What is Your Experience / Qualifications?

Experience is also something that is very important and should therefore be considered before you choose which landscaping company you want to hire for your property. Obviously you want someone who is experienced in this field and has a proven track record of success, since they will most likely do the best job for you. However, something you also want to consider is the type of landscaping experience they have. You want someone who has experience working on properties that are similar to yours. You may be deciding between two companies, and lets say company A has 10 years of experience in landscaping and Company B only has 7. However company B has 7 years of commercial landscaping experience and Company A deals mainly with residential homes. In this situation you should actually choose company B since although they have less experience overall, their experience is better tailored to the job you are looking for them to do. 

What Equipment Do You Use? 

The kind of equipment a landscaping company uses may not seem very important but there are a few things to consider from an equipment perspective when choosing the right landscaping company for you. Nowadays there are electric alternatives to most if not all landscaping equipment, and whether or not a company uses this kind of equipment has a huge impact on your experience with them. Electric equipment has a variety of benefits like it being better for the environment, they do not leak gas and oil which can hurt your lawn, but most importantly they are much quieter than traditional gas powered equipment. The difference in noise should be taken into consideration especially if your property is something like an office building where tenants will be working while the landscaping crew is at work. The less noise the landscapers make, the less of a disturbance it will be for your tenants which will make them quite happy. Now there are a few drawbacks with electric equipment with the main one being price. Electric landscaping companies tend to charge more for their service since electric equipment is more expensive than traditional gas powered equipment. Be sure to at least consider the electric option and decide if the increase in cost is worth the added benefits they provide for both your tenants and the environment. 

How Long Will it Take You to Service My Property?

Finally, you want to get an idea of how long your property will take a company to service snd take that into consideration when making your final decision. If company A needs all day to service your property but Company B only needs a few hours, you may want to go with company B since they can get in and out quicker. The less time they take to complete the job, the less of a disturbance they will be to business as usual on your property, which your tenants will appreciate.

Strathmore Landscape Contractors Ltd.

Strathmore Landscape Contractors Inc

LaSalle, QC

Providing Commercial Landscape Management services in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton. With over 50 years of experience, we have forged the path in our industry, priding ourselves on safety, excellence, and doing what is right.

Markham Property Services

Markham Property Services

Markham, ON

Commercial Grounds Maintenance for Condos For over 30 years MPS has provided industry-leading landscaping and snow removal services in the GTA. In everything that we do at MPS, we promote integrity, honesty and reliability which translates to landscaping and grounds maintenance that you don’t have to think twice about. MPS offers superior year-round grounds maintenance, landscape design & build, and snow removal services for condos and multi-residential complexes in the Markham and GTA area. MPS recognizes that each condo building has unique site requirements, aesthetic goals, and budget parameters, which is why MPS takes a tailored approach to developing a year-round ground maintenance program that best suits your condo or residential complex. MPS strives to alleviate your day-to-day property maintenance worries by proactively assessing and managing your needs. MPS is a full-service landscape company offering: Weekly Grounds Maintenance Care Grass cutting, weeding, edging & cultivating gardens, spring/fall cleanups Repair & Restoration of existing landscape features- We work with what you’ve got to make it better! Repair exterior entrances, pathways, patios, landscape structures [gazebos, retaining walls, stone columns, fencing] Restoration of existing gardens: reconfigure existing plants, addition of soil, mulch, landscape rocks Design & build new landscape features and gardens Softscape Enhancements Turf enhancements: fertilizing, top dressing, weed control and re-sod Annual & Perennial planting Professional Snow & Ice Management ISO SN 9001:2016 Certified (one of only 2 companies in Canada to hold this designation), Smart about salt certified Large, modern fleet and in-house mechanics Fully insured and WSIB compliant; certified on multiple 3rd party services such as ContractorCheck and Complyworks 24/7 on-call services, monitoring, snow plowing, salting, walkway services, snow relocation and off-site haulage Each service is completed the “MPS Way”: with a high quality of work and attention to detail. Our pride in our work is something that guides every one of our team members to treat your property as if it was their own. To complement our highly skilled team, MPS embraces technology and uses modern resources and equipment to ensure your commercial condo grounds maintenance is completed safely and efficiently. Along with MPS’ landscaping expertise, our customers receive frequent site assessment reports, easy access to customer service and professional and reliable administration.

The Grounds Guys of Winnipeg

The Grounds Guys of Winnipeg

Winnipeg, MB

With over 250 locations in North America, The Grounds Guys are quickly becoming the go-to company for exceptional lawn care and landscaping services. What began with just 10 brothers and a single vision in 1987 has now grown into an industry-leading brand. The Grounds Guys are built on several key principles including excellent workmanship, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and infusing real care in all that we do. Though our company has grown exponentially over the years, our vision of customer care rooted in hard work and quality service still remains the same.

Lowrider Maintenance

Milton, ON

Power washing, Power sweeping, Chute & Compactor cleaning, Drain cleaning and Line marking/painting services All across southern Ontario

National Lawn Care and Property Maintenance

National Lawn Care and Property Maintenance

Nestleton Station, ON

Good Afternoon Property Managers, National Lawn Care and Property Maintenance prides ourselves on providing a high standard of safe service to all of our clientele. Since National Lawn Care and Property Maintenance started we are proud to say we are completely unscathed in the following areas: • WSIB Claims = 0 • Slip trips or falls = 0 • CVOR Infractions = 0 • Ministry of Labour Orders 0 • Bodily or Vehicle Insurance Claims 0 National Lawn Care and Property Maintenance is currently providing service to large residential condominium complexes, industrial properties, as well as large commercial properties. We have a wide range of services we provide including landscape maintenance, snow plowing, snow removal and ice management. Our geographical area that we service encompasses a wide range. We currently have three separate divisions operating from Eastern Ontario (Bellville) and as far West as Niagara Falls. Here at National Lawn Care and Property Maintenance we are proud to say our work moral is always very high from upper management to general labour staff. Working together as a team to ensure safe work practices and a high standard of service to our client is our main objective. Some of the property management firms we are currently under contract with are: • Crossbridge Condominium Corp. • Taft-forward • Newton Trelawney Property Management • Municipality and Region of Durham • ICC We are extremely excited to say that in our 15th year of service and during a global pandemic, we are always able to put our client’s needs first. We greatly appreciate the opportunity and sincerely hope to hear from you soon. Michael J Paul Owner 905-259-0711

EDPS Property Services

EDPS Property Services

Mississauga, ON

EDPS Property Services is a subsidiary of EDSS Sanitation Solutions. Founded in 2007 EDPS Property Services has partnered with property owners and managers to bring a higher level of care to the exterior of their properties. Through the use of modern technology, new and well-maintained equipment and a team of individuals who genuinely enjoy what they do EDPS Property Services has been able to deliver industry-leading summer and winter grounds maintenance backed by even better customer service.

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