November 15, 2023

VendorPM Officially Launches in Boston!

We're thrilled to announce that VendorPM, the only all in one Vendor Management, Compliance & Procurement software built specifically for property management has officially launched in Boston! This platform is already modernizing the way that tens of thousands of building managers and vendors work together across select US states & Canada, and is now officially available for building managers and vendors alike in the Greater Boston Area!

Understanding VendorPM

Built for property management, this innovative platform revolutionizes the way property management companies and vendors collaborate by providing a seamless, centralized hub connecting 6,000+ buildings and over 40,000 vendors. VendorPM addresses the pervasive challenges faced in property management such as inefficient processes, scattered workflows, and opaque projects. By harnessing the power of VendorPM, building managers can expect  risk mitigation, improved workflow efficiency, and immediate savings all while gaining actionable insights into their management, compliance, and procurement processes.

What Can Property Managers Expect?

As VendorPM launches in Boston, Property Managers can look forward to streamlining their workflow, centralizing all vendor, project, and building data, saving hours on quote requests by guaranteeing at least 3+ bids for all building services, and a marketplace of over 40,000 vendors. The platform enables managers to request quotes for 400+ building services, manage existing vendor relationships, and access all their data and projects under a single, streamlined login.

A New Avenue for Vendors

VendorPM provides a platform for vendors to effectively engage with new and existing clients, grow their business, and enhance credibility. Vendors can bid on requests and create detailed profiles with user reviews. The platform integrates compliance tools, simplifying adherence to industry standards. This allows vendors to manage compliance and client relationships effectively. All these features are available in one convenient, unified platform.

Boston, The Future of Property Management Awaits!

With VendorPM's official launch in Boston, we aim to reshape the property management space in the city by connecting the entire industry in a single marketplace and making it easier than ever before for property managers and vendors to work together. Boston, the future of property management is now!

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