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April 4, 2022

The Benefits of Outdoor Landscape Features on Your Property

The addition of outdoor landscape elements like a patio, water feature, or plant display can have a variety of benefits that will help you and your employees have a much more enjoyable experience in the workplace. They can help increase productivity and employee retention, as well as give your clients a great first impression of your business. In this blog we will be going over a few different options for outdoor landscape features as well as the unique benefits they will bring to the table. 


Patios are a great aspect to include on your property as they add many benefits both in terms of dollars and employee enjoyment. Just a few of the many benefits a patio brings include: 

Employee Camaraderie

The first and arguably most important benefit of adding a patio to your workplace is that it will act as a common place where employees come together. People will gravitate to the patio to have lunch, work outdoors, or even hold meetings. This means new connections and relationships will be established amongst your employees. The benefits to having a well connected employee base are numerous and deserve a separate blog, and a patio will help you achieve that just by being there. 

Increased Property Value

Whether you own the property your business operates on or rent it out to other businesses, a patio is a great way to quickly increase the value of your property. Potential buyers look for things like a patio due to the value they provide, and are willing to pay extra for that value. Even if you don’t plan on selling or leasing to a new business anytime soon, you are still able to enjoy the patio while it helps your property gain an upper hand to similar properties on the market. 

Little to No Maintenance Required

Unlike many other outdoor features, a patio is something that you can usually get away with “setting and forgetting”. Meaning the maintenance requirements for a patio are just about zero. Other than making sure it is kept neat and tidy, there is nothing that you will have to do to ensure it stays in good condition. This means you can reap the benefits it provides with little to no effort needed after the initial set up. 

Water Features

Water features bring an amazing presence to your property and come with a variety of benefits for you and your employees to enjoy. Some of these benefits include: 

Increased Wildlife

In the summer months water features attract a variety of different animals to them. Frogs, birds, and many other animals will want to stop by and hang out which provides entertainment as well as a sense of peace to your property. Increased wildlife at the workplace can help with employee morale, enjoyment, and the overall happiness of your workers. This is also a great opportunity to learn more about the animals in your area, which can be a very interesting and eye opening experience for many. 

Sounds of Nature

Especially in urban settings, it is often difficult to get away from it all and enjoy some peace and quiet with the sounds of nature in the background. However, with a water feature, you can turn any area of your property into a little oasis for your employees to enjoy during their break, lunch, or while they work. This may not seem like much, but the impact it will have on your employees' enjoyment in the workplace will be huge. This means less employee turnover, increases in productivity, and more money coming in for your business. 

Reduce Noise Pollution

With the increased sounds of nature comes a decrease in any other sounds that may be present. In urban areas, the sounds of the city like horns, people yelling, and cars driving by will all be somewhat drowned out by the sounds of your water feature. These sounds can be very distracting for your employees so drowning them out and replacing them with more peaceful sounds can have massive impacts on your employees well being and performance.

Featured Vendors

Through the development of our stellar reputation, All Canadian Gardening has been the recipient of a number of awards from the Landscape of Ontario Trade Association, recognizing our ability and expertise in property maintenance to achieve business properties that match the needs of our clients to a tee. Please reach out to us today to connect with a member of our professional staff. Our experts are trained with the skills and knowledge needed to complete a job up to our high standards. In addition, many members of staff maintain degrees in Horticulture from Seneca College, adding an extra degree of expertise to be employed with every job we take.

MK Landscaping is a landscape company that completes exterior landscape maintenance and installation at the highest level. Being a family run business we strive to give those same loyalty and trust qualities to all of our clients, and are dedicated to providing high end work for all kinds of properties. Using our years of experience we guarantee quality workmanship to all clients and keep them connected with updates throughout the process.

Kindret Landscape Group is a full service Architectural Design/Build firm that specializes in concrete and landscape construction. Decorative concrete and restoration. Year round property maintenance and tree work. We have been around for over 30 years and offer both residential and commercial services.

Green FX Landscaping Inc. provides, complete Landscaping services for residential and commercial properties. With the expertise and dedication of our team and a passion for all things green, we are committed to helping our customers with Landscaping solutions.

Northern Touch Property Care is a professional Building Maintenance company, offering services such as Window Cleaning, Power Washing & Drains, Caulking, Renovations, Restoration and many more.

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