June 10, 2022

Installing Electric Car Charging in Condos or Apartments in Ontario

Electric cars aren’t just a trend or luxury item. They’re a key part of our net-zero clean energy future. Every year, all around the world, you’ll spot more electric cars on the road as the technology becomes increasingly affordable and existing vehicle owners make the leap to electric with their next purchase. As of 2021, Ontario has one of the highest electric vehicle adoption rate in North America with 8.5% of all new vehicle registration being that of fully electric or hybrid vehicles and the federal government has set a mandatory target of 2035 for 100% of new passenger car and light truck sales to be zero-emission. As the world’s leading car manufacturers and federal governments set net-zero targets within the next few decades, this share is only going to skyrocket as time goes on both at home in Ontario and around the world.

A top concern of potential electric vehicle purchasers living in condos and apartments right now is “will I be able to charge my car in my parking stall?” It’s an understandable concern as many buildings have created headaches for electric vehicle owners in getting the needed equipment set up to make car charging straightforward. Now though, governments are beginning to get involved through the institution of bylaws requiring buildings to introduce or raise electric vehicle charging capacity as well as federal and provincial governments providing incentives to owners and building managers to buy electric and set up chargers. If you’re a property manager in Ontario, it’s probably time to start building a plan to make sure you can update your parking facilities on time. Across Ontario, VendorPM can help you find service vendors to set up EV charging stations in your parking stalls in a convenient and prompt manner!

Installing EV charging as an owner or occupant:

Since May 2018, Ontario Regulation 48/01 under the Condominium Act provides a clear path for Ontario condo owners to request building managers to authorize the installation of Level 2 EV chargers in parking spaces. Most condos, the corporation will have this process for owners set up to be very straightforward and owners will be guided through paperwork or simplified processes. The process is as follows:

Written Application

  • Condo owners can submit a signed application to the condo corporation that identifies themself and their address as well as drawings and/or specifications related to the installation. The corporation must aid the owner meeting the requirements for documentation if needed.
  • Condos often provide templates for this application upon request.

Response from Condo Corporation

  • The corporation must respond to the application within 60 days and can only deny the application if, in the documented opinion of a qualified professional that is provided to the owner, the installation does at least one of the following:
  • 1. Adversely impacts the building’s structural integrity
  • 2. Poses a safety hazard
  • 3. Violates the Condominium Act or other legislation

If none of the above occurs, the condominium must approve the application or provide alternative plans that do not create unreasonable costs to the applicant.

Once the corporation and owner reach an agreement, within 90 days, a written agreement that details responsibilities for installation, repair, maintenance, insurance, and the relevant costs of each. Generally, the owner is responsible for all of the above. The agreement takes effect once the condo registers the agreement on the title of the owner’s unit.

For apartment tenants, the path to getting an EV charger is less clear due to the fact that spaces are rented instead of owned. In most cases though, large landlord companies have established corporate processes for tenants to request EV charging and independent “mom and pop” landlords can be convinced.

For the best chances when you reach out to your landlord or condo company, let them know that they can get quotes from EV installation providers in the area in just a few clicks at the link below!

Installing EV charging as a building manager:

If you’re a building manager or part of a condo corporation and you’re looking into installing EV charging in your building, depending on circumstances, you may be required to take an owner vote. If the installation meets the following criteria, no vote is necessary:

The board holds the opinion that owners will not be inconvenienced by the installation

The estimated installation cost is <10% of the annual budgeted common expenses

60-day advance notice is sent detailing:

  • A description of the installation
  • Estimated costs and how the corporation will pay them
  • A statement that the board believed the installation would not create significant inconvenience

Once sixty days pass since the notice, installation can begin.

If the installation did not meet the previous criteria, the process allowing for a vote is as follows:

A 60-day advance notice is sent detailing:

  • A description of the installation
  • Estimated costs and how the corporation will pay them
  • A statement that the board believed the installation would create significant inconvenience
  • A statement informing recipients that the owners may request a meeting within 60 days of the notice
  • A copy of Section 46 of the Condominium Act and Section 24.2 of Ontario Regulation 48/01

Once sixty days pass since the notice, if no meeting has been called or if a meeting and vote allowing the installation has occurred, installation can begin.

For apartment landlords, because apartment tenants are usually renters and not owners, the process to install EV charging stations is mostly unilateral for landlords and can be done at any time with notice provided to tenants so long as the installation does not create significant inconvenience to tenants.

Electric vehicles are becoming a top priority for governments, consumers, urban planners, building managers, and everyone in between. Regardless of whether you own, rent, or manage your building, zero-emission vehicles are an inevitability of a green future. Planning ahead no longer just helps you do your part in contributing to a sustainable future, but will help you stay in compliance with future regulations.

Get three bids in just a few clicks from EV installation providers in your area while remaining 2% under budget on average using the link below!

Interested in learning more about these rules or curious to know how we assembled this guide? Visit our sources below!

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