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January 27, 2022

Busting 5 Commercial Roofing Myths

Preventative Maintenance and Roof Inspections are Optional 

Your roof is subject to many things that can damage it and cause it not to last nearly as long as you would like it to. Things like rain, hail, debris, sun, snow and ice can all damage your roof and keep it from functioning properly. 

Since there are so many things that can hurt your roof throughout the year, it is important that you schedule two roof inspections per year to make sure your roof is in good shape. Addressing leaks and damages as they arise, no matter how seemingly small, is needed to ensure that these little problems don't grow into costly issues.

It's OK to Put New Shingles on Top of Old Ones 

Putting new shingles on top of your old ones when it comes time for a new roof will definitely save you some money in the short run, however it could lead to costly repairs down the road. 

Shingles work best when they are installed on a flat surface that is waterproof to lessen the chances of leaks. If you install the new shingles on top of the old ones they will not operate optimally and will most likely not last you as long either. 

Additionally, when you take off the old shingles you have a great opportunity to fix any small problems that may have been hiding underneath. If you just slap new shingles onto the old ones, you won't be able to find these issues early and fix them while they are relatively cost effective. These small issues can quickly develop, and you may only become aware of them when they have turned into a much more expensive problem.

Replacing My Commercial Roof Will Annoy My Tenants 

If you hire the right people for the job, replacing a roof can be a very safe, efficient, and disruption free process. It is important to consult the roofer you plan on going with to make sure they have a safety plan in place to ensure the safety of their crew and your tenants. 

Also, make sure they have a good history of work under their belt so they have the knowledge necessary to get the job done quickly and with the least amount of disruption possible. 

If you are able to get the job done without distracting your tenants, they will be thrilled to have a new roof that is much better at protecting their unit from water damage and other problems. 

All Commercial Roofs are the Same 

Although most commercial roofs are flat and look similar to the untrained eye, they each require a separate set of skills to be done right. Make sure to consult a few different roofing companies to get a feel for their level of knowledge and expertise. 

If they say they have a standard practice they use for every roof they do, consider a different company which understands that every roof has its own elements that make it different from the rest. 

Understanding these elements and making adjustments because of them is what sets quality roofers from the rest of the pack and will ensure your roof is as effective as possible and lasts a long time.

Flat Roofs Leak 

Almost all flat roofs are not actually flat and tend to have about a 1” of rise for every 1” of run. This is a very flat slope but a slope nonetheless, and therefore flat roofs still slope water off the edges and are at no greater risk of leaking than regular sloped roofs. 

If your roof is leaking, it is most likely due to deterioration or damage in your roof rather than the slope of the roof itself.


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Chouinard Bros. is a member of both the Residential Roofing Contractors’ Association and the Greater Toronto Home Builders’ Association. Today Chouinard Bros. is one of the largest residential roofing contractors in the GTA. The company's success and growth are attributed to its values and principles, which have remained the same since the company started over 40 years ago. “Treat every customer –large or small –with respect and honesty and provide them with good quality work and service.” We offer a broad range of roofing options to accommodate any building design. Whether you need a flat roof or have a sloped roof, Chouinard Bros. can provide you with a wide range of options, including shingles, cedar or composite slate. With countless hours of experience, our crews have seen it all. They understand what is required when working on a roof and, more importantly, how to work safely throughout the year.


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