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June 7, 2022

5 Reasons Why Furnace Maintenance is Essential

Many property managers do not complete a checkup on their properties' furnaces nearly as often as they should since many believe there is no need unless something is wrong. Although this way of addressing their furnace maintenance is something they can get away with a lot of the time, if you do not check up on your furnace at least once a year you could be missing out on the benefits a check up provides. In this blog we will be going over these benefits and why conducting a furnace check up once a year is a must for property managers. 

Reduces Your Energy Bill  

Your furnace accounts for a large portion of your energy bill, so making sure it is in top condition can have a big impact on how much you are spending each month. A well running furnace will be much more energy efficient, and thus require less energy (and money) to keep your property at a comfortable temperature. Even doing as much as replacing the filters in your HVAC system can have a big impact on the efficiency of your furnace and therefore on your energy bill as well. If you do not have regular maintenance on your furnace, you may find that year over year your energy bill goes up. This is not because your power company is secretly upping the rate, it's your furnace begging for a tune up.  

Prevents Issues With Your Furnace

Getting a regular check on your furnace will mean it needs less unexpected repairs down the road. A furnace that is running in tip top shape shouldn't ever run into any issues as long as it isn't too old. This means that if you have your furnace serviced at the beginning of every winter, you can go all winter with the peace of mind that your furnace will have what it takes to effortlessly keep your home at a comfortable temperature all season long. Not servicing your furnace at the beginning of the year could lead to your system running into issues later on like water or carbon monoxide leaks, shut offs, air temperature problems, and many more. The last thing you want is your property's furnace shutting down in the middle of the winter, causing your tenants a great deal of discomfort and even forcing them to relocate while the issue is resolved. 

Extends the Life of Your Furnace

Replacing your property’s furnace is no cheap job, so you want to make sure you are doing everything you can to make sure your furnace lasts as long as possible. Keeping up with regular maintenance means less chance of a major problem coming up, since they are usually caught during the maintenance process while they are simple fixes. The longer you go without maintenance on your furnace, the higher the risk of a problem going unnoticed until it is too late. This is especially true for older furnaces since they are more likely to run into problems and oftentimes the issue is not worth fixing and a whole new system is needed. Make sure especially if you have an aging HVAC system on your property to get it checked out regularly so you can catch problems before they snowball into something that causes your furnace to need replacing. 

Maintains Healthy Air Quality

Not all the benefits of maintaining your furnace have to do with adding more money to your pocket, there are also health and safety benefits to ensuring your furnace is in top working condition. Making sure your furnace is in top condition also ensures that the air quality on your property is of high quality. If you let your furnace go too long without a service, the quality of the air on our property may be suffering, which means it could be harming the health of your tenants or employees. A much more serious problem that can arise is a leak of carbon monoxide from your furnace into the air. This can be very dangerous and even deadly and is often caused by furnaces that are either too old or have not been given a check up in quite some time. Making sure your furnace gets regularly scheduled maintenance will give you peace of mind that the air quality on your property is top notch and there is no threat to anyone's safety.

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Plan Group is Canada's premier technical solutions contractor. We specialise in delivering large-scale and mid-market Electrical, Mechanical, and Technology construction, as well as ongoing service and facilities management for clients across a broad spectrum of industries.

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TRI-AIR Systems

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TRI-AIR Systems We are a family run business with over 40 years of experience in providing emergency service, repair and proactive maintenance. For emergency service we have a TWO HOUR Response Time Promise. We are passionate about what we do and genuinely care about our clients.

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Jade Mechanical Services Inc.

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HVAC/R services in Southern Ontario. We provide Installation, Repair and Maintenance for following equipment: Make-up Air units, Roof Tops(Packaged heating cooling units), Ductless AC/Heat Pumps, Hot Water Tank/ Boiler, Residential-Furnace/ Condo-Fan Coils, Unit/Space Heater, Refrigeration/Kitchen Equipment, Restaurant Equipment, Exhaust Fans, Flue Venting, Natural Gas line, Ducting.

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Thermocool Mechanical

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